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At Alizée Vet clinic , happiness is to have our passion for business. Because in our profession, enthusiasm is a guarantee of excellence.



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Opening hours
8h30-12h am, 1h30-7h30 pm

Monday – Saturday:
8h30-12h am , 1h30-7h30 pm


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The Alizée Vet Clinic always reserves slots for emergencies during its opening hours.

Thus, you will be guaranteed to be received quickly if the state of health of your companion requires it. Outside opening hours, you will be put in contact with the emergency vet by dialing the clinic number.

01 40 64 14 50


A team of multidisciplinary assistants and qualified veterinarians, all passionate about their profession, will take the time to listen to you and explain clearly and simply the conditions that suffer your cats, dogs and exotic pets and preventative measures to avoid them.


Alizee vet clinic. Christophe FEVE


Nantes 1991

Dr. Christophe FEVE (National Veterinary School of Nantes 1991) is at the origin of the creation of the veterinary clinic ALIZEE. He completed his training

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and his veterinary doctorate by a Graduate Certificate (CES) of Dermatology in 1997 and a Nutrition CES in 2008 and finally a Certificate of Advanced Veterinary Studies (CEAV) in Internal Medicine in 2015. A refresher course 18 months in soft tissue surgery allows him to perform routine surgeries that any general veterinarian claims. His technical atavism as a general internist, his team spirit, his respect for others naturally lead him to make clear decisions and measured risks of lasting results achieved by delegation and trust granted to others. His skills and personality are based on excellent long-term interpersonal skills, an innate sense of pedagogy and a listening ability that is multiplied because “speaking is a need, listening is an art” (Goethe). His expertise is articulated around multiple skills such as honesty, politeness, presentation (elegance), insurance, friendliness, energy, enthusiasm, empathy and creativity. These qualities are combined to meet the expectations of veterinary customers eager for quick answers, clear explanations and services rendered by the image because customers retain only 40% of what they see and only 20% of what they hear. “A picture is worth a thousand words” (Confucius) and “a sketch is better than a long speech” (Napoleon) because “what is well conceived is stated clearly and the words to say it come easily” (Boileau) .


Alfort 2015

Céline joined the team in 2016. She has a major role in the ongoing monitoring of the veterinary chain provided within the ALIZEE Vet clinic .

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She also provides a very successful emergency service for the technical platform of our clinic. We wish her good and long years on our side to make our respective knowledge fruitful. Her new blood is a guarantee of novelties that we reserve the joy of making you discover in the months to come …


GIPSA 2010

Anne (Specialized Veterinary Nurse level 5) has joined since the start of the project “ALIZEE” in October 2009. Specialized Veterinary Nurse, …

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… she shines with her technical and commercial versatility. Her personality and her relationship quickly became the unanimity with the customers  of the ALIZEE veterinary clinic . Her initiative makes her an ally of confidence essential to the proper functioning of our organization. She acts as a unique interface between the supplier laboratories and the veterinary clientele. She will welcome you on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. Her politeness, her charm, her elegance and her permanent availability to the reception do not cease filling the expectations of our customers. Her natural softness with your companions, her ability to listen much better than that of veterinarians, her technical skills guarantee a perfect knowledge and transparency in the follow-up of customer files.

Elle vous accueillera le lundi, mardi jeudi et vendredi et vous fera partager sa passion pour la nutrition, l’hygiène et le comportement animal.


Clinique Vétérinaire Alizee - Paris - Consultation


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The annual visit you make to the clinic is an opportunity for us to take stock of the state of health of your pet and to address together the questions that you can ask yourself or what is necessary in our opinion for your companion continues to go well. This visit is the privileged moment for:

  • perform a complete clinical examination: it is important that the animal is in good health in order to be vaccinated (some conditions contraindicate the vaccination) and the examination may reveal abnormalities that you would have missed (thyroid nodule on an old cat, small breast mass on a bitch …) …

… but also:

  • answer to your questions about the evolution of your pet: Is not it a little big? How to cut his claws? Now that he is 8, should I change his diet? Is it worth brushing my dog’s teeth?
  • to give you advice on the hygiene and the maintenance of your animal: How and with which product to clean the ears? What shampoo to use?
  • to give you advice on anti-parasite use: Why winter flea control and which products are effective against leishmaniasis? Do I have to worm my pet 2 or 4 times a year? to give you nutrition advice: Now that my cat is castrated, what should I feed him? Should we change power after 8 years? … to give you behavioral advice: How to make my puppy clean quickly? My 10 year old dog seems senile, what to do? My dog ​​becomes aggressive, what to do?
  • to sensitize you to the racial peculiarities of your animal: the respiratory problems of the French bulldog, the kidney problems of the Persian cat, the allergies of the labrador … to make you aware of the screening of seniors’ affections: monitoring of drinking intake (which should not increase with age), difficulty in urinating / blood in urine in non-castrated male dogs (possible prostate problem)
  • … propose to you to carry out a senior assessment on the occasion of the vaccine on an animal of more than 8 years old to detect early renal diseases, hepatic, thyroid …
  • This annual visit is also an opportunity for the assistant who welcomes you to update the record of your pet, to check his weight (weight curve kept up to date in his file) and to advise you about food, dietary supplements (vitamins), hygiene …
Do not hesitate to ask us for advice regarding the annual health examination in our clinic.

Clinique Vétérinaire Alizee - Paris


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The diagnostic approach requires continuous rigor and step-by-step reasoning to formulate different diagnostic hypotheses. The examination of a clinical case must begin with a complete collection of the history of the disease (anamnesis) and all the general data concerning the patient (memorials). We can then proceed to the general clinical examination of the animal which leads to a synthesis and the formulation of diagnostic hypotheses which will be confirmed or invalidated by judiciously chosen complementary examinations. The final diagnosis results in the implementation of ad hoc treatment. Advances in medical knowledge of domestic carnivores and NACs have led us to share our knowledge and know how to pass on the relay to recognized and qualified specialists. We consider ourselves as general practitioners with some caps acquired during basic and practical complementary training courses within structures recognized for their expertise as specialists in internal medicine, dermatology or NACs medicine. Dr. Fève’s professional background has allowed him to train in the various fields listed below.

Clinique vétérinaire Alizee Vet - Paris 14 - Site - Comportement


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Veterinary medicine has evolved.

Now, behavioral disorders are recognized as real illnesses and there are medical treatments adapted to pets. Having a dog or a cat with either is not always easy and often, wanting to do too well, it hurts. The pathologies of the behavior are numerous and if the signs are similar, the treatments can be opposed.

If your pet is aggressive, does damage in the house in your absence or even in your presence, if it is still not clean, if it seems amorphous … These are all important signs that should lead you to consult.

Remember to prepare this consultation: make an appointment and start recording all the important elements of your dog’s or your cat’s disorder. To establish a diagnosis and offer you a treatment, we will need to know where your animal sleeps, what he eats, when he eats, where he eats, what silly things he does, under what conditions he lives (apartment, garden, walks , distractions), etc.

Do not live with a devil at home, come see your vet.

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When your pet undergoes surgery in our clinic, the general course is as follows: General surgeries include many surgeries including: castration, ovariectomy, cystotomy, descaling, enterectomy, enterotomy, skin mass removal … When your pet undergoes surgery in our clinic, the general course is as follows:

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Voir la page “nos équipement“


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Hospitalizing requires state-of-the-art equipment and a seasoned team. Temporarily separating from your pet is a stress quickly supported by the trust you give us and the realization that your companion can not heal at home. Your veterinarian and his team are best able to judge whether your pet needs to be hospitalized or not to get him back on his feet as quickly as possible. Some situations lead us to hospitalize your pet at the clinic

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Voir la page “nos équipements“


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Veterinary biology is a vast and exciting specialty that requires us to interpret with hindsight and discernment the results of analyzes provided by automated machines for diagnostic purposes but also in the optics of monitoring medical treatments. No one is safe from a human or material failure !!! And never forget that the clinical sense premium (in Sensu Orci, Premium)


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Clinique vétérinaire Alizee Vet - Paris 14 - Site -alimentatio


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You are 90% to expect a nutritional recommendation from your vet and you are only 15% to a clinic opinion with a veterinary advice. This observation encourages us to VICE CLINIC ALIZÉE to strengthen our work of education and awareness of our customers to the importance of quality food distributed in reasonable quantities. In fact, a scientific study has shown that a balanced diet is distributed in 20 seconds (12 years against 10 years, a gain of 15 years). years…).

The clinic offers a nutritional recommendation tailored to the needs of your pet.

As Socrates said you have to eat to live and not live to eat.”


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Plaque is deposited year after year on the teeth of dogs and cats causing tartar. A food based on kibble reduces the appearance of scale that is composed of food debris and bacteria. Tartar is a harmful element for your pet.

Indeed, it will gradually cause the fall of the teeth by loosening them. In addition, calculus causes gum irritation which can be a source of pain in dogs and cats. Finally, the bacteria present in the dental plaque can pass into your animal’s blood and then cause damage to other organs such as the heart, liver or lungs. Scaling therefore eliminates plaque in your pet.

During a general anesthesia, the plate is peeled off and removed using the scaler that sends ultrasound. Do not hesitate to ask us about the means of dental hygiene now available to prevent the reappearance of dental plaque after descaling your pet.


“Primum non nocere“

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“Primum non nocere” (“d’abord, ne pas nuire”, serment d’Hippocrate)

Le vétérinaire est également le pharmacien des animaux.

Il dispose d’un grand nombre de médicaments nécessaires aux soins de votre animal.

Mais le médicament vétérinaire n’est pas banal ; il associe effet thérapeutique mais aussi effets secondaires avec lesquels votre vétérinaire saura jongler grâce à ses connaissances pharmacologiques.

« Sola dosis facit venenum »

(c’est la dose qui fait le poison) (Paracelse)

Prescrire un médicament exige de la part du vétérinaire prescripteur une connaissance approfondie des effets secondaires de tout médicament notamment lors de surdosage. C’est ainsi que les grecs désignaient par le même terme, à savoir PHARMACON, le poison et le médicament. Souvenez vous de la locution, on ne peut pas faire d’omelettes sans casser des œufs qui souligne que pour réussir il existe toujours des dommages collatéraux.

Beaucoup de médicaments ont pour base des produits naturels. L’aspirine (ci-dessous) est un dérivé chimique d’un composé isolé de l’écorce du saule. Le composé actif a été isolé et modifié, puis mis sur le marché au début de l’année 1899. L’aspirine est l’exemple d’un médicament séculaire qui a révolutionné la médecine humaine tout en préservant le patient d’effets secondaires néfastes. Le vétérinaire canin est le garant du bon usage des médicaments de sa pharmacie. Il ne tient pas officine ouverte et est d’ailleurs en première ligne pour rapporter tout effet secondaire survenant sur des chiens ou des chats. Il s’agit du système de pharmacovigilance vétérinaire très sérieux et reconnu à l’échelle européenne. Il est par ailleurs très important d’avertir les propriétaires de ne pas recourir à l’automédication de leur compagnon avec les médicaments de leur propre pharmacie pour des raisons d’effets potentiellement toxiques parfois mortels (par exemple l’aspirine ou le paracétamol).

La loi : la délivrance au détail est régie par l’article L.5143-2 du Code de la Santé publique. Cette loi précise que le vétérinaire n’est autorisé à ne délivrer des médicaments que pour les animaux dont il assure personnellement les soins. Nous ne pouvons donc pas tenir officine ouverte ni délivrer des médicaments réglementés en dehors des visites.

Clinique vétérinaire Alizee Vet - Paris 14 - ophtalmologie


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Radiographie numérique

La clinique vétérinaire ALIZÉE est la première des établissements de soins vétérinaires dans le 14ème arrondissement à avoir investi dans la technologie numérique. Cette technologie récente nous permet d’obtenir des images informatiques retouchables , disponibles sur le réseau informatique en seulement 7 secondes.


Elle utilise la technologie des ultrasons. Une sonde envoie une onde ultrasonore qui est partiellement réfléchie par les tissus sous forme d’un écho. Cet écho retourne à la sonde pour être ensuite resitué en image bidimensionnelle en mouvement. L’échographie de routine se divise en 2 domaines : l’échographie abdominale et l’échographie cardiaque. Elles permettent chacune de nous renseigner de manière dynamique sur l’architecture, la vascularisation et la structure des tissus mous. La première s’effectue en décubitus dorsal alors que la seconde se réalise sur animal debout.

Elle est réalisée sans anesthésie.

Clinique vétérinaire Alizee Vet - Paris 14eme - Site - NAC


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Les Nouveaux Animaux de Compagnie (NAC) sont de plus en plus nombreux dans nos foyers et nécessitent des connaissances avancées tant pour vous propriétaires attentionnés que nous vétérinaires traitants. La formation initiale dispensée dans les écoles vétérinaires demeure encore insuffisante. Une spécialisation confidentielle a vu le jour il y a quelques années. Pour pallier ce déficit de connaissance, le Docteur Fève, a suivi un apprentissage intensif en petits mammifères et reptiles avec deux grands spécialistes reconnus dans la médecine et la chirurgie des NACs : le Dr Didier Boussarie et le Dr Lionel Schilliger. Grâce à ces acquis, le Dr Fève a développé une consultation spécifique pour lapins, rongeurs et tortues. Le nom de la clinique ALIZÉE vient d’ailleurs du nom de la tortue du Docteur Fève, Eurotestudo hermanni, en paisible villégiature au bord de l’océan atlantique.

Clinique vétérinaire Alizee Vet - Paris 14 - Site -dermatologie


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Le Dr FEVE, fort de son CES de dermatologie, assure toutes les consultations de dermatologie à la clinique.


Consultez les dernières actualités de la clinique ou du monde vétérinaire.
10 décembre 2023

Les fêtes arrivent ! Au programme : retrouvailles en familles et grands festins. C’est l’occasion pour votre fidèle compagnon de faire les yeux doux afin de récolter quelques restes de chapon ou de bûche. Cependant, il faut impérativement lui refuser ces aliments, qui sont toxiques pour sa santé. Tour d’horizon des interdits alimentaires pour nos amis canins.

23 novembre 2023

Il existe peu de données concernant la domestication du chat. Elle a d’abord été attribuée aux anciens égyptiens mais des recherches plus récentes suggèrent que des relations étroites entres félidés et humains ont pu se nouer bien plus tôt.

23 septembre 2023

Le chat possède des griffes qui se rétractent. Il les fait ressortir en cas de besoin, pour monter aux arbres, pour chasser, et pour se défendre. Si elles sont indispensables aux chats qui sortent à l’extérieur de la maison, celles des chats d’intérieur nécessite un entretien régulier du fait de leur sous-utilisation.


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